Speedway Express Wagons Made in Lancaster County, PA
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The Neat Things in Life

"The wagon is made with sturdy hardwood and heavy gauge steel, the sides are both stapled and glued to give the wagon a stronger bond. We found the wagon to be very well made, I love how the sides can be easily removed, which will allow for transporting bigger objects."

Daydreaming Realist

"The wagon that I have is really spacious and can handle a lot of tasks. I filled it with a few bags of mulch, flower pots, basket liners and plants--and had room to spare. I love that it's a portable work area, essentially, so I can move it anywhere I need to go very quickly. The finished, wooden surface is very easy to clean. I keep a piece of cardboard around to put on the bottom when I'm afraid of damaging the surface, but it's proven to be very work-worthy."